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Advanced graphic operator interface with modular I/O capabilities
September 2013, Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays

The new Graphite series from Red Lion Controls merges two of its most successful product platforms into a single modular solution. The nexus of the product is the operator interface panel which offers ...
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Red Lion provides native A-B tag support
August 2007, SCADA/HMI

Communicating with Allen Bradley's Logix series PLCs has been simplified with the addition of native tag support within Crimson 2.0, Red Lion's programming software for its G3 series of operator panels. ...
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Analogue panel meters
June 2007, Temperature Measurement

Red Lion's CUB5 series of analogue panel meters has been enhanced by the addition of models for thermocouple inputs and for DC voltage inputs. The meters offer user-programmability, optional setpoint ...
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Ethernet device integrates Siemens S5
June 2007, Data Acquisition & Telemetry

Crimson 2.0, Red Lion's programming software for its G3 series of operator panels, now supports the Siemens S5 communication protocol, offering a large array of features to upgrade legacy equipment. Advanced ...
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Why take risks with your control network?
August 2006, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

Contemporary Controls offers three new managed features to safeguard against risks to control networks. "The reason being," says R&D manager Bennett Levine, "that the popularity of Ethernet employed in ...
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Contemporary Controls announces EtherNet/IP switches
July 2006, Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays

Contemporary Controls meets Rockwell Automation's required and recommended switch features significant to EtherNet/IP Contemporary Controls announces the availability of its EtherNet/IP switch features ...
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Remote process monitoring
June 2006, Data Acquisition & Telemetry

A customer wanted to monitor an entire process from his computer. The process included sensors to measure humidity, flow, level, and pressure. The only problem he had was finding an easy way of bringing ...
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Large, cost-effective display series
June 2006, Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays

Red Lion's new LD Series of large displays is designed to offer great visibility at an economical price. The initial release in this series includes both 4 digit and 6 digit models, with bright 57 mm ...
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Powerful tool for connectivity and data management
May 2006, Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

Micropower Instrumentation is offering Red Lion's Data Station Plus. Model CSGATESX is a multiple protocol converter, a system data logger, and a web interface for industrial applications. With two RS232 ...
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Data connectivity and management station
April 2006, Data Acquisition & Telemetry

Red Lion is offering a powerful tool for connectivity and data management. The Data Station Plus - model CSGATESX is a multiple protocol converter, a system datalogger, and a web interface for industrial ...
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Versatile digital panel meters
April 2006, Industrial Computer Hardware

The CUB5 digital series of panel meters from Red Lion offers features similar to those found in its PAX meters, but at half the size of the larger panel models. Able to do everything the larger meters ...
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Encoder and measuring wheel solution
March 2006, Sensors & Transducers

An integrated encoder and spring loaded measuring wheel assembly is now available in one, easy-to-use, compact unit. The new LSM is a versatile solution for tracking velocity, position, or distance over ...
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