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Robust infrared sensors designed for industry
July 2000, Sensors & Transducers

All Telco infrared photoelectric sensors are designed and manufactured in-house, with state-of-the-art optoelectronic components and the latest SMD technique. The company provides 24 h service, with stock ...
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An intelligent photo amplifier
July 2000, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

The Telco remote transmitter (LT) and receiver (LR) sensors, in combination with a Telco photo amplifier (PA), will operate problem-free through steam, oil, grease, water, fog, dirt and most other contaminations ...
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Compact infrared sensors with versatile mounting options and three modes of operation.
June 2000, Sensors & Transducers

This new, innovative, Smart Place infrared self-contained sensor series is offered in three different modes of operation; through-beam mode with a sensing distance of up to 6 m, proximity mode with a ...
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Self-contained miltibeam light curtain
June 2000, Sensors & Transducers

The SG 09 forms a protective screen by generating a curtain of up to 79 infrared criss-cross beams with protection up to a height of 1610 mm, ensuring detection of passing passengers and thus preventing ...
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Robust photo-electric sensors
April 2000, SCADA/HMI

Telco’s photoelectric sensors have a number of key features: p Very small physical outline. p Immunity to contamination. p Insensitive to impact and vibration. p Easy alignment. p Wide range of applications. The ...
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