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Measurement kits for user-friendly solutions
November 2000, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

Endress+Hauser is offering a new product line, the Applipac, which aims to satisfy an increasing customer demand for complete, comprehensive measurement process solutions. Ready programmed and adapted ...
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Innovative measuring techniques for sewage treatment plants
September 2000, Maintenance, Test & Measurement, Calibration

A new generation of analyser measuring systems for sewage and wastewater treatment plants has been developed by Staiger Mohilo, recently acquired by Endress+Hauser
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The changing role of systems integrators in instrumentation in the process industry
September 2000, System Integration & Control Systems Design

The process industries could be considered to have come closest to the true meaning of the term 'information technology' (IT)
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Endress+Hauser and Neles Automation announce an alliance
September 2000, News

Endress+Hauser International Holding and Neles Automation announced the intention to form an alliance for joint technology and sales activities. These new activities will employ approximately 100 persons. The ...
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World-class calibration technology in flow-metering
September 2000, Flow Measurement & Control

In maintaining the standard of its leading range of measuring instruments, Endress+Hauser South Africa has access to the largest and most advanced flowmeter calibration centre in the world. The facility ...
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Universal I/O system for functionality without the programming nightmare
July 2000, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

From the point of view of the process automation engineer, the ideal process measurement solution will facilitate a higher output with better quality and a higher output with better quality and at a competitive ...
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New high temperature/pressure vortex flowmeter
July 2000, Flow Measurement & Control

A high temperature/high pressure version of the indusltry standard Prowirl 77 vortex flowmeter is now available. Vortex flowmeters are typically used for volumetric flowrate measurements in steam, gas ...
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Troubleshooting in Africa with Endress+Hauser
June 2000, News

Endress+Hauser has recently established a Regional Service Support Centre (RSSC) in Harare to provide pre-sales consultation, technical know-how, commissioning and training services to sub-Saharan Africa. ...
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New ultrasonic sensor does not let dust get it down
June 2000, Level Measurement & Control

Endress+Hauser recently installed the new FDU 86 ultrasonic sensor at SA Maltsters in Caledon (SAM Caledon), a company affiliated to SA Breweries and involved in producing malt, a product of barley which ...
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New, compact mini pressure cell with built-in transmitter is foundation fieldbus compliant
June 2000, Pressure Measurement & Control

Endress+Hauser's Deltabar S level and flow transmitter family has been extended by the addition of a new differential pressure-measuring cell. The mincell is smaller than conventional measuring cells ...
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New connector for ph probes
May 2000, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

The biggest problem facing pH measurement is the connecting point of the electrodes. Due to the high impedance of the measuring point, even the smallest amount of humidity or dirt between the contacts ...
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Food industry gets a new conductivity transmitter
May 2000, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

The new Smartec S CLD 132 is the latest conductivity transmitter from Endress+Hauser. Designed specifically for the food, beverage and bottling industries, the unit offers hygienic, electrodeless inductive ...
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