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10 kHz fork-type laser light barrier
May 2003, Sensors & Transducers, Cyber Security

With a response time of only 50 ms, Wenglor's two new fork-type laser light barriers are capable of registering 10 000 objects per second. The fine, non-divergent laser beam assures uniform precision ...
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Temperature probes with ATEX approval
May 2003, Temperature Measurement

Thermometers may be integrated into intrinsically safe applications only when the maximum current, maximum voltage, power rating, and the self-heating effect at the measurement tip, have been checked. ...
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One housing style for whole range of sensors
May 2003, Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

The range of Wenglor sensors, featuring a variety of functional principles, can now be supplied in a new style of housing, an option that significantly simplifies mounting requirements. Retro-reflective ...
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Multiparameter acquisition system for analytical measurements
April 2003, Data Acquisition & Telemetry

JUMO in Germany has developed a versatile acquisition system suitable for use with most sensor signals, based on its successful Logoscreen 500 paperless recorder. The Logoscreen Aqua 500, available from ...
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High contrast resolution with white light
March 2003, Sensors & Transducers

High-speed operation due to a switching frequency of 25 kHz in combination with high geometric resolution, high contrast resolution and a small spot assure optimised operation of the new Wenglor series ...
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Narrow beam laser sensor system
March 2003, Sensors & Transducers

Wenglor's diffuse reflective laser sensors with a spot diameter of 0,5 mm is suitable for detecting edges, small objects and small diameter holes with considerable accuracy. Available from ASSTech Process ...
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Transmitters for pressure, flow and level
January 2003, Pressure Measurement & Control

The Jumo dTrans p02 series of pressure transmitters combines tried and tested sensing systems with state-of-the-art digital technology. There are three models: The Jumo dTrans p02 Delta pressure transmitter ...
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Light barriers that work together
January 2003, Sensors & Transducers, Security Services & Risk Management

Peering through 10 pieces of white paper of standard thickness is no problem for Wenglor light barriers - which are well-suited to applications involving high levels of contamination, for ...
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Screw-in resistance thermometers with plug connector
January 2003, Temperature Measurement

ASSTech Process Electronics & Instrumentation is offering a range of screw-in resistance thermometers for temperatures from -50 to +300°C. Shockproof screw-in resistance thermometers enable temperature ...
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ASStech now distributes Astech
December 2002, News

Randburg-based ASSTech Process Electronics and Instrumentation has acquired the rights to distribute the full range of non-contact measuring devices of German manufacturer Astech Angewandte Sensortechnic. ...
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Purchasers of M-housing-sensors to benefit from Wenglor visit
October 2002, News

Managing director of ASSTech Process Electronics & Instrumentation, Anastas Schnippenkötter, visited, and spent several days at Wenglor in Tettnang, in the south of Germany. Negotiations between ASSTech ...
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Light barrier control unit for high safety
October 2002, Sensors & Transducers

The Wenglor SS2 individual light barrier control unit is a Category 2 safety device tested in accordance with DIN EN 61496. Application examples include palletising machines; textile machinery, transfer ...
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