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Image processing software with Profinet interface
August 2020, Sensors & Transducers

ASSTech now offers Wenglor’s image processing software – uniVision – with new features. The latest release, Version 2.2, enables smart cameras and control units to be integrated into controls quickly ...
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Fork sensor in hygienic design
July 2020, Sensors & Transducers

Production sequences in the pharmaceutical and food industries are subject to extremely demanding hygiene standards. With corrosion-free stainless steel, FDA conformity and Ecolab certification, Wenglor’s ...
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Optical sensor for dissolved oxygen
June 2020, Sensors & Transducers

With its state-of-the art optical fluorescence quenching technology and digital signal processing functionality, the Jumo digiLine 0-DO S10 ensures long-term stability when measuring oxygen and temperature. ...
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New entry-level Jumo transmitter
April 2020, Sensors & Transducers

Randburg instrumentation specialist ASSTech now includes in its product range the new Jumo dTrans T06 Junior multifunction 4-wire transmitter that offers great performance for a wide range of applications. The ...
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Torque sensors for every application
May 2020, Sensors & Transducers

Torque has to be measured in both production and assembly, and again in quality control. Burster, a precision measurement technology specialist, offers a range of sensors for the smallest torques of a ...
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Transmitter for Ex applications
May 2020, IS & Ex

The new multifunction four-wire transmitter Jumo dTrans T06 Ex in DIN rail housing is ideal for demanding SIL and Ex applications. The measurement input has a 22-bit resolution with switchable noise suppression ...
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Modular image processing solution
April 2020, Sensors & Transducers

ASSTech offers the latest VisionSystem2D from Wenglor. This is a modular image processing system developed for all vision applications. The system consists of up to 16 digital cameras, lenses with various ...
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4-wire performance in a compact housing
April 2020, Sensors & Transducers

Randburg instrumentation specialist, ASSTech, now includes in its product range the new Jumo dTrans T06 Junior multifunction 4-wire transmitter that offers great performance for a wide range of applications. The ...
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Wenglor’s light band technology
March 2020, Sensors & Transducers

Based on a continuous, homogenous light band, Wenglor’s new retro-reflex sensors can reliably detect objects with irregular or asymmetrical shapes, for example in the field of intralogistics. With three ...
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Simple and convenient flow measurement
March 2020, Flow Measurement & Control

Two new devices from Jumo provide simple and convenient magnetic-inductive flow measurement for a variety of media and processors. Jumo flowTrans MAG S10 is designed for standard industrial applications ...
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Software platform for vision systems
February 2020, Sensors & Transducers

With ASSTech’s new product offering from Wenglor, two and three dimensional data from smart cameras, vision systems and control units with 2D/3D profile sensors can now be evaluated via a central software ...
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Pair temperature probes with different cable lengths
October 2019, Temperature Measurement

In heat meters for heating systems, two paired temperature probes are usually used for symmetrical installation. These must have identical cable lengths to comply with the legal regulations. Now, Jumo ...
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