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Telco sensors in conveyor belt monitoring
January 2019, Sensors & Transducers

Ordinary belt monitoring units can detect belt failure, but many require frequent maintenance for reliable operation. This is why Telco designed a system that ensures peace of mind for the plant owner. The ...
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Telco sensors for stockyard control
October 2018, Sensors & Transducers

Telco’s high performance, self-contained infrared sensor series provides a total solution for pulp and paper applications. This industry poses serious problems for photoelectric sensors as the highly ...
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Telco sensors for break detection
May 2018, Sensors & Transducers

Some of the toughest challenges for sensors are found in the pulp and paper industry. Here, high temperatures and a contaminated environment make it difficult for optical sensors to operate accurately ...
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Telco sensors for elevator ­management
March 2018, Sensors & Transducers

The Space Motion Series SMM 01 from Telco Sensors operate on the Doppler radar principle to detect motion in a defined area by means of microwaves using the latest sensor technologies. With its compact ...
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Telco sensors for refrigeration and storage
February 2018, Sensors & Transducers

Mobile racking enables compact storage while keeping the stored pallets individually accessible. Where storage space is expensive, for example in cold stores, mobile racking is the perfect solution. Telco ...
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Telco sensors in the automotive industry
January 2018, Sensors & Transducers

Telco’s photoelectric sensor systems are the market leaders in safeguarding and monitoring automatic doors on transportation vehicles, including buses, trams, light rail and trains and platform screen ...
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Telco sensors in food and beverage applications
December 2017, Sensors & Transducers

Telco provides the packaging industry with infrared sensor solutions for challenging applications. The company’s sensor solution experience and problem-solving spans various fields including packaging, ...
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Sensors for silo monitoring
November 2017, Sensors & Transducers

The TAG level switch functions in all kinds of materials, conductive as well as non-conductive, fluids, and liquids (grains, powders, plastic raw materials, oils and fuels, water and sewage etc).    The ...
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Photoelectric sensors for pulp and paper applications
October 2017, Sensors & Transducers

The paper and pulp industry poses a serious problem for photoelectric sensors. The highly contaminated (dust, dirt and grime) environment and high temperatures make it difficult for the sensors to operate ...
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Telco optical fork sensors for packaging applications
August 2017, Sensors & Transducers

Telco’s OFS series consists of self-contained optical fork sensors that are housed in a durable, U-shaped aluminium housing which operates in thru-beam mode. The series is available with a wide variety ...
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Sensors for stockyard control
June 2017, Sensors & Transducers

Telco Sensors are often considered as the infrared sensor problem solver because the products can withstand the effects of the most challenging applications such as the extreme airborne contamination ...
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Telco Sensors solve packaging problem
February 2017, Sensors & Transducers

Telco Sensors provide the packaging industry with photoelectric/infrared sensor solutions for challenging applications. The company’s sensor solution experience and problem solving spans various fields ...
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