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Code-hopping module
June 2008, Data Acquisition & Telemetry

The Radiometrix KTX2 is a miniature PCB mounting UHF radio transmitter module with onboard code-hopping encoder designed to provide secure wireless control links in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Operating at 315 MHz, 433,92 MHz or 434,42 MHz, it offers engineers a usable range of up to 75 m in-building or 300 m over open ground. Each transmitter module is pre-programmed and unique. The 32-bit encryption level creates more than 4 billion hop-codes for security, whilst four control lines allow up to 15 user defined controls to be transmitted.

The unit can be supplied with a 10 mW output if higher power is required
The unit can be supplied with a 10 mW output if higher power is required

Designed to be used with the company’s KRX receiver-decoders, it is a crystal controlled PLL-based transmitter with 2 mW RF power output (a 10 mW version also available) in a module format allowing OEMs to integrate it into their customised remote controllers.

The device is fully compliant with both EN 300 220-3 and EN 301 489-3 standards. It can be employed in tasks such as automotive remote keyless control, building security, and unidirectional remote process control. Its compact dimensions (36,2 x 15,2 x 4,5 mm) and low power consumption, 1 μA current during standby or 8 mA while transmitting, from a 3–6 V supply, make it particularly attractive for use in battery-powered keyless remote control products.

Supplied By: RF Design
Tel: +27 21 555 8400
Fax: 087 234 3244
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