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Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays
Schneider Electric’s Zelio RXG interface relays
May 2016, Schneider Electric South Africa

Schneider Electric has introduced its easy-to-use Zelio RXG interface relays with single-step lockable test button to the southern African market. Via a fast-on pin terminal, it mounts quickly, while ...

Touch buttons with superior ­immunity
May 2016, RET Automation Controls

Banner Engineering has introduced its next-generation touch buttons in its range of K30, K50 and K70 multicolour indicators and pick-to-light sensors. Employing smart electric field sensing, these touch ...

Slim safety relays offer high ­performance
March 2016, Phoenix Contact

The new PSRmini safety modules from Phoenix Contact are slim safety relays with the power of a large device. With their compact 6 mm width, they ensure high safety, thanks to positively driven contacts. ...

Multi-purpose motor protection relay
December 2015, Newelec Pretoria

The MB motor protection relay from NewElec allows maintenance personnel to take advantage of 1600 recorded events and 45 recorded faults to analyse problem areas. The relay features seven inputs that ...

Operator interface simplifies visualisation for large applications
December 2015, Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation has released its new Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 7 Performance graphic terminal to simplify and streamline visualisation in large, complex applications. The terminal expands on the ...

Zest’s miniature circuit breakers for complete solutions
December 2015, Zest WEG Group Africa

A full range of approved miniature circuit breakers, offering protection against overload and short circuit in electric conductors, is available from Zest WEG Group. The WEG MDW and MDWH miniature circuit-breaker ...

Tractelift climb and ­descent assist system
November 2015, Becker Mining South Africa

Becker Mining South Africa’s range of Tractel personal protection equipment, which ensures the safety of workers at height elevations, includes the Tractelift climb and descent assist system. “The company’s ...

Allen-Bradley’s new PanelView 800 graphic terminals
November 2015, Rockwell Automation, Industrial Computer Hardware

Rockwell Automation has reduced boot-up time and increased installation flexibility with the new space-saving Allen-Bradley PanelView 800 family of graphic terminals. The terminals, available in 4, ...

Compact WEG smart relay offers design flexibility
November 2015, Zest WEG Group Africa

The modular WEG low voltage electric motor management system offers flexibility through its expanded functionality. Engineered as a plug and play solution, the compact WEG SRW01, with state of the art ...

Motor protection, control and management relay
October 2015, Newelec Pretoria

The NewCode motor protection and control relay from NewElec is fully Profibus accredited and Eskom approved but retains the user-friendly features that are synonymous with the company’s products. NewCode ...

Safety limit switches for industrial applications
September 2015, RET Automation Controls

Banner Engineering has introduced its SI series safety limit switches designed to monitor the position of a variety of guards, gates, covers and other moveable machine fixtures and tooling. The SI series ...

Belt drift switch for field applications
September 2015, ifm Electronic RSA

The new belt drift switch from ifm electronic is designed for heavy duty application and used for drift monitoring of conveyor belt installations. The belt drift switches are used to protect the installations ...

Small but powerful HMI
September 2015, RJ Connect

M2I Corporation has announced the launch of its new Xtop 4” HMI, which has been specifically designed to meet the requirements for the monitoring and controlling of industrial plants.    The 4,3” TFT ...

Multi-touch HMI with widescreen panel
September 2015, Beckhoff Automation

Beckhoff’s new 11,6 inch widescreen display offers increased scalability in compact HMI devices.

Rockwell Automation introduces MobileView tethered operator ­interface
September 2015, Rockwell Automation

Mobile terminal allows operators to make real-time changes to out-of-view applications.

High-performance, safe coupling relays just 6 mm wide
August 2015, Phoenix Contact

The new PSRmini safety modules from Phoenix Contact are slim safety relays with the power of a large device. With their compact 6 mm width, they ensure high safety thanks to positively driven contacts. ...

Supply voltage influences and damage control
August 2015, Newelec Pretoria

It is often wise to include supply voltage monitoring as a useful tool for prolonging motor life expectancy and possible mechanical damage to equipment due to, for example, motors turning in the wrong ...

Situational Awareness and ­designing an HMI for ­high-performance
June 2015, Adroit Technologies

Adroit Technologies combines Situational Awareness with Alarm Management and the Adroit Scada Intelligence.

Touch sensor has start, stop and acknowledge functionality
June 2015, ifm Electronic RSA

The KT capacitive touch sensors from ifm electronic can be used, for example, as start and stop buttons on machines, or as an enable switch for opening and closing gates. Compared to mechanical switches, ...

CBI launches new touch-screen time switch
June 2015, CBI-electric: low voltage

CBI-electric: low voltage’s newly launched touch-screen programmable QAT-TRDM Electronic Time Switch can be used in residential, commercial and industrial applications to control geysers, lights, air ...

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