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Environmental Control & Monitoring
Tsunami warning system
September 2015, Instrotech

Senix customises ToughSonic sensors to monitor sea levels for Philippines agency.

New trends in control of temperature in data centres
August 2015

Getting server room temperature under control is difficult for many data centres, but three new ideas highlight the ways different locations can naturally facilitate data centre heat control. Environmental ...

Radiation meters for recycling and scrap markets
December 2014, OEN Enterprises

The RadEye PRD is the next generation of advanced radiation meters. Thermo Scientific’s newest personnel radiation detector (PRD) was developed in response to a growing need for smaller, more compact ...

Intelligent vibration switch from ifm electronic
December 2014, ifm Electronic RSA

The VNB001 vibration sensor monitors, displays and records vibration values and a colour changing display shows machine conditions at a glance. The VNB001 is the first member of ifm’s new series of vibration ...

Steel contamination kit
August 2014, OEN Enterprises

Thermo Scientific’s portable RadEye steel contamination kit provides a solution for steel sample monitoring. It enables the high performance handheld Gamma Personal Radiation Detector RadEye PRD-S to ...

Schneider Electric introduces Back-UPS 500
May 2014, Schneider Electric South Africa

Schneider Electric has introduced the Back-UPS 500 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to the local market. The move is of significance in an environment where protecting electronic equipment from damage ...

Halon-free fire protection fluid
April 2013, Spero Sensors & Instrumentation

Novec 1230 fire protection fluid is a halon replacement for use as a gaseous fire suppression agent. It is an environmentally friendly choice for clean fire protection where water from a fire sprinkler ...

Air quality control for mines
November 2012, Allpronix

Increased productivity, decreased production costs and a safer working environment are probably the three main goals of any mine. An important factor is the amount of electricity needed to run the massive ...

Innovative flue gas analyser with easy operation
November 2012, Thermon South Africa

The testo 350 flue gas analyser assists in the control and monitoring of legally prescribed emission limit values in flue gas. Applications include commissioning, maintenance and operative measurements ...

Emerson launches reservoir modelling solution
May 2012, Emerson Process Management SA

Roxar RMS 2012 helps operators generate more accurate and realistic reservoir models and increase recovery rates.

Estimating a data centre's electrical carbon footprint
May 2012, Schneider Electric South Africa

The energy consumption of data centres and the web-based modelling tools from APC.

Servoflex MiniMP 5200 oxygen analyser
May 2012, Elemental Analytics

The Servoflex MiniMP 5200 Mmultipurpose gas analyser from Servomex has been awarded MCERTS certification, making it suitable for source testers that require reference oxygen analysis as part of the verification ...

Oil water condensates are an environmental hazard
April 2012, Artic Driers

Catalytic converters from Artic Dryers remove compressor pollution at source.

Aker Cool Sorption
April 2012

The air quality act and vapour recovery.

Data-logger for humidity, temperature and air pressure
February 2012, Temperature Controls

E+E Elektronik has introduced the HumLog20, a data-logger ideally suited for monitoring the room climate in museums and exhibition halls, clean rooms, storage areas, EDP computer centres, calibration ...

Vaisala weather transmitter
February 2012, WIKA Instruments

The Vaisala WXT520 weather transmitter measures barometric pressure, humidity, precipitation, temperature and wind speed and direction. To measure wind speed and direction, the transmitter has the Vaisala ...

Infrared to detect energy wastage
December 2011, Comtest

Top five places to look for energy losses

Water quality monitoring and control
November 2011, Omniflex Automation Products

Environmental water quality monitoring is a pressing requirement for many organisations these days and most important is the fact that burden of proof rests with the companies themselves. Lack of proof ...

Compressed air waste condensate management
July 2011, Artic Driers

Getting rid of polluted waste water by allowing it to flow down the drain is no longer legal nor is it environmentally acceptable, ISO ratings can be lost if improper dumping is detected. However, bulk ...

Facilities management for manufacturing
May 2011, Wonderware Southern Africa

Manufacturers are realising that facilities management plays a critical role in product quality and manufacturing cost

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