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Quick-release couplings for easy maintenance

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Faster Couplings has for more than 60 years designed and manufactured over 500 million quick-release couplings and registered more than 80 patents. The product portfolio comprises a multitude of solutions for mobile, construction, agricultural, special purpose vehicles and industrial and industries. The product categories are grouped into the three focused areas of couplings, castings and cartridges, and the Multi Faster ranges.

The MultiFaster range now includes more than 50 different products, used in various fields of application. ”The system is composed of two plates, a lever, and several hydraulic couplings with electrical connectors. The multiple pins are connected with one single manoeuvre, which makes it a convenient way to connect hydraulic circuits to attachments or loaders. The number of connecting lines depends on the functionality required, which allows compact solutions for effortless connection in applications where residual pressures exists.

Faster has introduced the following new MultiFasters options: PH…S series for heavy duty applications: differences between the PH…S and the current series are black cataphoresis instead of red paint, and the handle and cams made of carbon steel with Zi-Ni plating instead of stainless steel. The PH and PH…S series are 100% mutually interchangeable.

MultiGrease: a unique MultiFaster with a special dedicated line for central lubrication systems, one integrated electrical connector (7 pins) and two hydraulic lines 1/2”. The special grease couplings are mounted on the fixed plate of the MultiFaster and allow the circulation of the lubricant.

PC206: the new compact MultiFaster has 2 lines sizes and allows connection through a mobile plate or standalone counterpart couplings. There are dedicated push buttons, one in yellow and one in green, allowing the disconnection of standalone counterpart couplings. With working temperatures from -25°C to 100°C, PC206 is an ideal solution for both agricultural and construction equipment attachments. This mechanism of connection of standalone couplings, can be found in another Faster product: the PSA06.

In 2019 Faster introduced the MultiFaster configurator software, which allows customers virtual assembly and customisation of their MultiFaster product, according to application-specific requirements. Hydrasales is the authorized Faster Coupling distributor for Africa.


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