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Carbon dioxide monitoring

April 2020 Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring devices able to detect high levels of carbon dioxide have been introduced to the local market to help detect poor air quality that can lead to sick building syndrome.

Distributed and supported by local technology provider, Euca Technologies, on behalf of one of the world’s leading logging and monitoring systems specialist companies, Onset Computer Corporation, the handheld devices allow building operators to monitor CO2 and other substances to ensure the health of occupants, especially in healthcare facilities, classrooms, offices, factories and places that are susceptible to buildup of gases. It may also be useful to monitor air quality of a building where occupants constantly suffer from ailments, are constantly tired or where lower-than-usual productivity is observed in a workplace.

“We also find the problem is exasperated at times of the year when windows and doors are shut for comfort reasons, which may inadvertently also contribute to the sick building syndrome,” says Ernest Campling, managing director of Euca Technologies, the agents for Onset monitoring devices in South Africa.

He explains that the monitoring devices are small, unobtrusive and highly accurate. They allow easy access to air quality information from a handheld device or laptop via plug-in or the cloud. It gives building owners and landlords insights to support better decisions regarding ventilation control and HVAC upgrades – projects that can lead to energy savings and improved overall indoor air quality.

Comprehensive, location-specific CO2 data in building environments also helps to focus HVAC improvements on the most effective and cost-efficient solutions. Increased CO2 inside is a big deal; after all, we spend almost 90% of our lives indoors. So, when it comes to monitoring indoor air quality, data loggers can be a great safety measure. Onset’s battery-powered loggers easily measure indoor concentrations. These compact devices can be used anywhere throughout a building where data is needed. Measurements typically range from 0-5000 ppm.

“Our data loggers provide a cost-effective method to assess indoor air quality, helping to eliminate sick-building syndrome and harmful pollutants typical of tight and poorly ventilated structures,” concludes Campling. “At Euca Technologies we provide a wide range of devices that can measure and monitor indoor air quality.”

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