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Rockwell Automation powers desalination plant
July 2018, PLCs, DCSs & Controllers

Water specialist, NuWater has developed a two megalitre desalination plant at a smelter plant in KwaZulu-Natal. Rockwell Automation, through its PartnerNetwork program participants, CraigCor Distribution and system integrator M&M Electronics, supplied automation products and conducted programming and HMI development for use on this plant. It facilitates continuous smelter operations in the face of water shortages caused by the severe drought that saw local dam levels drop to alarmingly low levels.

NuWater incorporated the Integrated Architecture system into its automation and control development by means of Rockwell PLCs, HMIs with visualisation control software, VSDs and industrial network equipment, as well as the powering switchgear componentry. Integrated Architecture system enabling products included a ControlLogix L73 Processor, Distributed I/O Model through a quantity of 10 stations that utilise POINTIO modules, one main Network Redundancy through Device Level Ring (DLR), 22 PowerFlex 755 VSDs (up to 110 kW) and Rockwell Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Switchgear.

“As water-stressed nations turn to seawater desalination as a solution for process and drinking water, we are leading the way in terms of our product offering,” says NuWater’s chief business development officer, NJ Bouwer. He adds that most of the equipment offered to the smelter was refurbished to help make sure that the short lead-times required could be met. “The existing equipment already had MCCs and control centres, which we decided to refit with the latest Rockwell Automation product portfolio. Although many manufacturers have similar product offerings, it is hard to find robust and reliable equipment that can withstand the rigours of working in these often wet and humid environments.”

“Water industry professionals around the world face an increase in challenges due to stringent government regulations and ageing control systems,” says Rockwell account manager, Jacques Jacobs. “This causes tighter water quality standards and rising labour, operating and maintenance costs. The Rockwell Automation vision of The Connected Enterprise helps overcome some of these challenges. Through the Integrated Architecture system and the connection of smart devices, new windows of opportunity into processes open. Data and analytics enable better and faster decision-making, while seamless connectivity spurs new collaboration.”

For more information contact Jacques Jacobs, Rockwell Automation, +27 (0)21 527 2900,,

Supplied By: Rockwell Automation
Tel: +27 11 654 9700
Fax: +27 11 654 9702
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