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Optimised iron control for tasteful water
October 2017, Analytical Instrumentation & Environmental Monitoring

Drinking water not only has to be free from harmful substances and tolerable but also must be aesthetically pleasing and tasteful. At concentrations commonly found in potable water, dissolved iron is not harmful to human health. However, because it impairs taste and colour, local authorities stipulate strict containment limits for iron. Elevated iron concentrations can also lead to build-up of deposits and settling of microorganisms in distribution systems and household water supplies. This is undesirable for consumers and utilities responsible for treatment of water for industrial processes, as iron deposits can cause corrosion or encrusting of pipes, turbines and vessels leading to expensive repairs or even complete system replacement.

With the Endress+Hauser Liquiline System CA80FE, waterworks and plant managers can rely on high-precision online monitoring of iron. The analyser uses the standardised ferrozine method to deliver regulation-compliant meas-ured values, and features detailed logbooks that allow comprehensive documentation of the measured values. Plant managers are thus well prepared for audits and can prove compliance to water authority requirements at any time.

Saving energy in iron removal

Iron removal is achieved by oxidising iron to form iron oxide hydrate, which is insoluble and can be removed by filtration or sedimentation. Liquiline System CA80FE monitors the iron removal online and delivers measured values fast – helping to optimise the control of

air blowers and thus save energy in the oxidation process. Fast measurements also help plant operators to detect potential process disturbances quickly and advanced diagnostics with remote access support them in prompt analysis and remedy.

Low reagent consumption and optimised maintenance

Liquiline System analysers are designed with highly precise dispensers for reagent and standard dosing guaranteeing reduced consumption and low operating costs. Automatic cleaning and calibration functions ensure that the analyser and its sample preparation and reagents work reliably and without manual intervention over a longer period of time. Maintenance tasks can be carried out easily and with minimal tools, reducing costs and increasing process uptime.

Easy operation and integration

The system shares the user-friendly operation that plant personnel already know from other online analysis parameters such as pH or chlorine, so operating errors are virtually eliminated. Integration into process control systems is also seamless via Modbus, Profibus and EtherNet/IP digital fieldbuses. Additionally, the Liquiline System can be easily upgraded to a measuring station by connecting up to four Memosens sensors. The analyser then adopts the transmitter functions resulting in a reduction of the investment costs in the plant.

Flexible sample preparation

The self-priming version of Liquiline System CA80 is an excellent choice for particle-free water. It is ready for operation without any additional settings. For applications where sample preparation is needed, the CAT810/ CAT820 sample preparation systems are available. These are fully controlled by the analyser via Memosens communication and thus easy to commission and operate.

Liquiline System CA80FE helps waterworks and plant managers keep their water treatment under control and comply with the strict regulatory limits, while making daily life easier for operators.

For more information contact Jan Swart, Endress+Hauser, +27 (0)11 262 8000,,

Supplied By: Endress+Hauser
Tel: +27 11 262 8000
Fax: +27 11 262 8062
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