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Flow and pressure valve reduce air consumption
July 2017, Motion Control & Drives

The recent introduction of SMC’s new flow and pressure valves in the AS-R and AS-Q series respectively once again highlights the automation specialist’s commitment to energy savings. Customers can now enjoy a cut in internal air consumption of up to 25% when using the AS-R pressure valve and AS-Q flow valve on their cylinders.

SMC Pneumatics product manager, Brian Abbott explains just some of the benefits of using the AS-R and AS-Q series: “Among the many tangible benefits, using these valves helps to shorten the response time of the return stroke and harmonises stroke movements to prevent a harsh jerky start,” he says. “In pressing applications, these valves enable a rapid supply of compressed air at the end of the stroke, and the valve bodies and plug-and-socket connections can rotate 360° to ensure fast and easy installation.”


Energy savings in the compressed air system

SMC’s range of pressure and flow valves includes six AS-R and five AS-Q models. These are supplied in R1/8, R1/4, R3/8 and R1/2 connection sizes for hose diameters ranging from 6 to 12 mm. Depending on the application, customers are able to choose between the new AS-R series with its fixed 2 bar supply pressure and the older ASR valves with fixed or variable set pressures, where pressures are adjusted manually using a handle with a three-part scale.

The pressure valve and flow valve are mounted together on cylinders. The AS-Q flow valve is installed on the working stroke side and the AS-R pressure valve on the return stroke side. The two valve series have similar designs. The pressure valves consist of a regulator with a check valve and a throttle check valve. The flow valves in the AS-Q series contain a quick supply valve, an exhaust valve and a throttle check valve.


The bigger the cylinder, the greater the savings

AS-R/AS-Q valves are ­recommended for cylinders with a diameter of 32 mm up to 125 mm bore, and an inlet pressure of at least 3 bar. “What’s truly of value to customers is that savings actually increase with bigger cylinders or higher air consumption levels and larger pressure differences between the working and return strokes,” he continues.


A wide range of uses

SMC’s new energy saving compressed air valves enable machine manufacturers to make their products more energy efficient without making any fundamental design changes. “Manufacturers who incorporate this technology can enjoy a competitive edge which in-turn translates into higher revenues,” concludes Abbot.

For more information contact Dave Fordham, SMC Pneumatics South Africa, +27 (0)11 100 5866,,

Supplied By: SMC Pneumatics South Africa
Tel: +27 11 100 5866
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