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Differential pressure switches for air conditioning and ventilation
July 2017, Pressure Measurement & Control

Modern mechanical pressure switches have come a long way in helping air conditioning and ventilation applications. A good example is the SCH-PSB differential pressure switch manufactured by Kobold. Differential pressure switches have quick response, high resolution and are maintenance-free, thus offering many features at a reasonable price.

Switching ranges for differential pressures from 20 to 1000 Pascal are available. The scale of the dials is labelled in Pascal. The electrical rating of the standard version is max. 1,0 A / 250 VAC. The cover provides an IP54 protection against splashes.

Practically, it is possible to rotate the cable gland by 120° steps to the base so that the connecting cable can be taken out to offset pressure port. The electrical connection is established by AMP flat plug 6,3 x 0,8 according to DIN 46244 or, alternatively, plug-on screw terminals for direct connection to open cable ends. The nozzles of the pressure port are provided for 6 mm hoses. The PA-Housing is 85 mm in diameter and is 58 mm high. Standard screws with 8 mm head size fit in the moulded notches. The proven mounting brackets made of metal and hose connector sets are part of an extensive range of accessories.

Fields of application include monitoring air filters, ventilators, industrial cooling air circuits and flow in ventilation ducts; overheating protection for fan heaters; controlling air and fire-protection flaps, and frost protection for heat exchangers.

For more information contact Instrotech, +27 (0)10 595 1831,,

Supplied By: Instrotech
Tel: +27 11 462 1920
Fax: +27 11 462 1958
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