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An evolution in gas measurement

June 2017 Flow Measurement & Control

As the follow-up to the successful FlowSIC600, the FlowSIC600-XT ultrasonic gas flowmeter is setting new standards in its market segment. With four device variants available, it can take on many challenges, whether it is being used as a stand-alone device or as part of a system solution, and delivers optimum measurement performance.

The FlowSIC600 already provided absolute long-term stability in extreme ambient conditions, and now the four device variants in the XT product family combine the features of their predecessors with unprecedented usability. Throughout their service life, they meet the requirements for safe, stable and custody transfer gas quantity measurement.

The instrument’s trend-setting design houses some impressive and innovative internal features such as i-diagnostics for smart application diagnostics with a built-in solution wizard, and PowerIn Technology, which continues to take measurements for up to three weeks in the event of a mains voltage failure.

The FlowSIC600-XT features an ideal combination of maximum measurement accuracy, long-term stability and unparalleled operational safety, yet is not at all complicated to use.

The ultrasonic gas flowmeters in the XT product family are designed for custody transfer gas quantity measurements, satisfy the requirements of current national and international standards, and are exceptionally simple to integrate into conventional system environments.

For more information contact Doreen Cronje, SICK Automation Southern Africa, +27 (0)11 472 3733, doreen.cronje@sickautomation.co.za, www.sickautomation.co.za


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