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Diaphragm seals for the food ­industry
March 2017, Pressure Measurement & Control

Diaphragm seals are partitions for pressure gauges that prevent material that is being measured from penetrating the measuring system. Pressure gauges cannot always be connected directly to the process connection. For measuring pressure in the food industry, diaphragm seals are indispensable. With the right choice of diaphragm seal system, it is possible to solve measuring problems that can often not be overcome with a pressure gauge alone.

Kobold has on offer an extensive range of diaphragm seals specifically for such purposes. They are available with all industry standard connection types and fit perfectly with Kobold pressure gauges. These diaphragm seals allow measurements to be taken, even with aggressive, highly viscous, solidifying or crystallising process media. They also protect the measuring device against high temperature and pressure fluctuations, pressure peaks or vibrations. Depending on the design, they can be used for measurements at process temperatures up to 350°C and 1600 bar. The use of diaphragm seals is recommended where there are special hygiene requirements and specific media-appropriate materials are required. Kobold’s specifically engineered and practice-oriented diaphragm seal system components, make dead zone free assembly an easily achievable goal. As the capillary tubes can be several metres long, the measuring device can be placed at a safer distance from harsh industrial environments.

Typical applications are in media enriched with solids; crystallising, polymerising, HMh viscosity, corrosive, toxic and environmentally hazardous measured media; very low or high measured temperature media; hygienic requirements for the food and pharmaceutical sector; and batch changing without product residues in the measuring system.

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