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A radar level sensor for water at the cost of ultrasonic
March 2017, News

“I believe that 80% of all level measurement sensors sold within the next three years will be radar sensors,” declared John Groom, VEGA group director for Africa, at the launch of VEGA’s latest radar sensor the Vegapuls WL S 61.

John Groom, group director VEGA Controls SA, explains the benefits of the new radar technology.
John Groom, group director VEGA Controls SA, explains the benefits of the new radar technology.

Speaking at the Roodepoort Golf Club where the launch took place, Groom reminded the assembled guests that when VEGA launched the Vegapuls 64 in 2016, a new standard was set for radar sensors. This was the first radar sensor that operated at a frequency of 80 GHz, producing a beam angle of just 3°. The focused beam allows the sensor to be used in vessels with internal installations or heavy build up on the walls, producing accurate measurements even with foam, condensation or turbulent product surfaces.

With the new entrant to the market, the Vegapuls WL S 61 has reached what Groom refers to as the ‘holy grail’ of achievement in the development of radar technology. Designed specifically for the water supply and sewerage sectors, this radar sensor comes with an equivalent price tag to the ultrasonic sensors, but with many added advantages.

The instrument comes standard with Bluetooth capability, a submersion-proof housing and an encapsulated antenna system. Mounting options include a wall holder and a ceiling reflector for awkward angles.

The integrated Bluetooth module enables wireless communication with a smartphone, tablet or PC, making commissioning of the instrument and diagnosis of operating parameters simpler and safer. As an aside, VEGA guarantees that Bluetooth can be retrofitted to any of its sensors sold since 1999.

Business development manager Frikkie Streicher, ably assisted by his team of three engineers, demonstrated how simple it was to calibrate the new device. They proved that indeed this instrument is a universal level sensor for water and wastewater, at a 30% reduction in previous costs for radar sensors.

For more information contact Chantal Groom, VEGA Controls SA, +27 (0)11 795 3249,,

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