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Datalogic encoders for smart ­motion control

July 2016 Motion Control & Drives

Datalogic now offers a complete range of incremental and absolute rotary encoders for industrial automation applications, such as motion control, length measurement and positioning.

Datalogic’s range of encoder products is composed of four lines:

• ENC41 Incremental Encoder basic line offers a reduced dimension and pricing, thanks to the compact Ø41mm fibreglass epoxy case, without compromising the robustness and overall performance.

• ENC58 Incremental Encoder extended line, with industrial standard Ø58 mm metal case, includes the widest range of mechanical variances, resolution from 500 up to 10.000 PPR and programmable version.

• AST58 Absolute Single-Turn Encoder line, in the standard Ø58 mm metal case offers a resolution up to 13 bit, Gray SSI output, hollow shaft Ø15 mm or solid shaft Ø6 and 10 mm, all available with cable, M12 or M23 connector.

• AMT58 Absolute Multi-Turn Encoder, in addition to the characteristics already described for the single-turn, this line offers a 13x12 bit resolution x turns in the Gray SSI models, or even 18x16 bit in the fieldbus version, which include CANopen, Devicenet, EtherCAT, Profibus, and Profinet.

Furthermore, a wide range of accessories is available such as mechanical couplings, mounting fixtures, connectors and cable, as well as metric wheels and draw wires for linear measurement applications.


Motion control is the most common application, the encoder is mounted directly to the end of a motor via a shaft and provides feedback to a drive to verify that the speed and direction is correct.

Web speed or tension control is another application in which an encoder is mounted so that any unevenness in the rotating speed of the tension roller is fed to a controller to maintain an even tension.

Length measurement applications use an encoder mounted on a wheel, in order to convert a linear movement into a rotation angle, or number of rotations, so providing a length measurement to control cutting, folding or other operations.

Conveying is another common industry application where encoders are used to control speed and position of a motor or intermediate axle shafts along conveyors. Encoder information is synchronised, for example, to control barcode scanners or label printers

Automated packaging machinery has many axes of high-speed rotary motion that require feedback for motion control, hence, the frequent need of encoders for speed or position feedback, length measurement and positioning.

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