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Schneider Electric Universal Enclosures

February 2014 Enclosures, Cabling & Connectors

Schneider Electric is a leading name in enclosure design. Previously known by the Sarel and Himel brand names, these enclosures have been protecting automation and electrical installations for over 50 years around the world. Elen Enclosures is the South African importer and distributor of these products since 1982 and remains the authorised Schneider Electric Universal Enclosures (SEUE) partner today.

SEUE is a specialist in enclosure design and manufacture that conforms to the highest certification standards and is adapted to applications including:

* Control and automation.

* Electrical distribution.

* Data, electronics and network applications.

SEUE’s product offering comprises several ranges categorised as follows:

* ‘Spacial’: steel and stainless steel floor standing and wall mount enclosures and industrial screw-lid boxes.

* ‘Thalassa’: insulating (non-metallic) floor standing, wall mount enclosures (GRP) and industrial boxes (ABS and Polycarbonate).

* ‘Climasys’: efficient thermal management solutions that extend the service life of installed equipment, electrical devices and instruments.

Schneider Electric enclosures offer three material solutions for the most demanding environments and applications:

* Steel enclosures are recommended for indoor harsh and dirty environments such as machines and manufacturing plants.

* They can also be used outdoors in applications where there are no corrosive elements in the environment.

* Stainless steel enclosures are intended for use in hygienic installations or where resistance to chemicals is required. They are commonly used in the food, beverage pharmaceutical industries. The material is also used in the oil & gas industry for its chemical resistance, although GRP is more often than not better suited for such applications.

* Plastic & polyester (GRP) enclosures provide protection by total electrical insulation for people and devices. They are ideal for outdoor applications and are the number one choice and recommendation for harsh corrosive environments.

Schneider Electric and Elen Enclosures have extensive experience as product specialists in the enclosure market. Together they offer a wide range of enclosures and accessories according to application and supported by digital tools including selection and thermal management calculation software.


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