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Eddy current sensors with unique coil technology
March 2013, Sensors & Transducers

Eddy current sensors with ECT (embedded coil technology) differ significantly from traditional sensors that use a wound coil. The sensor itself is embedded in an inorganic carrier material with electronic components positioned on material. This technology has been developed by Micro-Epsilon for customised applications, which have demanding requirements in terms of temperature and long-term stability, as well as excellent repeatability. This technology has been tested in OEM applications for several years and is now being applied to eddy current sensors. At temperatures up to 180°C these sensors can be permanently applied. The version with an integrated high temperature cable can also be used in temperatures up to 350°C. The new sensors are suitable for use with the new high performance eddy NCDT DT3300 controller.

For more information contact Elton Murison, Esteq, +27 (0)12 809 9500,,

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