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Cloud-ready IIoT edge gateway

April 2022 IT in Manufacturing

Rapid globalisation and information digitalisation have led industrial operators to adopt IIoT applications for enhanced operational efficiency and to maximise revenue. Accelerating an organisation’s IIoT development is essential to ensure that data transmission is accurate, secure and fast. IIoT applications require a data acquisition solution that supports data logging and processing, that is secure, and that can be implemented quickly and easily.

For many system integrators and engineers, a key challenge in IIoT is achieving robust and secure data transfer from operational technology (OT) devices to IT-based cloud services. Moxa‘s robust, cloud-ready IIoT gateways and value-adding, long-lifecycle software are an ideal combination to provide secure and reliable IIoT solutions that can be rapidly developed and deployed in the field.

ThingsPro Edge software is a platform designed to work with Moxa’s industrial IoT gateways to simplify the development of data acquisition solutions for large-scale IIoT deployments. Along with the long-term support policy that comes with Moxa Industrial Linux (MIL), users have access to practical technologies to realise their IIoT connectivity goals.

Moxa’s intelligent IIoT gateway solutions, which are certified by AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure, not only help to speed up IIoT development, they also simplify the effort required to operate and maintain IIoT gateways. They are targeted at mission-critical applications including rail, power, marine, and oil and gas.

To accelerate project development and speed up time-to-market, Moxa provides programmers with a variety of user-friendly software tools, making it easy to develop customised data acquisition, wireless/cellular communication and remote device management applications.


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