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Tubeskin thermocouple assembly

April 2022 Temperature Measurement

The new Tefracto-Pad model TC59-T is the first development to come out of WIKA Instruments’ R&D; centre in Houston, Texas, USA. Taking into account the company’s knowledge of customer applications, needs and requirements, the product provides proven accuracy and ease of installation.

The sensor’s hot end comprises a contoured weld-pad and optimised heat shield attached to a mineral-insulated (sheathed) cable. It consists of a metal outer sheath which contains the insulated internal leads, compressed within a high-density ceramic composition. The material of the outer sheath can be selected to match the application. At the hot end of the sheathed cable, the internal leads are welded together to form an insulated (ungrounded) or non-insulated (grounded) measuring location.

A proprietary mouldable shield is placed over the thermopad and sheathed cable. This shield and insulation are key components for the Tefracto-Pad, providing accurate temperature that is backed with research and testing.

The tubeskin thermometer is designed as two primary components that have been combined to make for a single one-step process of welding to the tube. The contoured one-step heat shield and weld-pad have been designed to suit each tube and sensor size.

This sensor is an engineered solution for the tubeskin industry and will be designed for each application and installation. By utilising these engineered components, the Tefracto-Pad design provides accurate measurement results.


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