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Mobile data memory for IO-Link

April 2022 Fieldbus & Industrial Networking

The DSU external IO-Link memory from ifm electronic is a mobile all-purpose device for local data transmission. Connected to an IO-Link master, the small device makes the stored data available to all connected receivers. For example, if used as a digital-type label for an interchangeable tool, the PLC can identify it independently and reliably, extract information about operating hours, and alert the operator when maintenance is due, to prevent damage to the tool or workpiece.

During operation, data is continuously written to the historical memory, taking advantage of the device’s COM3 interface running at 230,4 Kbps and 128 KB capacity – sufficient for all relevant data and histories. The memory can also be parameterised and read via the IoT software moneo configure. In this way, recorded data on total operating hours, maintenance intervals or system-relevant maximum and minimum values such as pressure, temperature or vibration data, can be easily read. Optional write protection prevents accidental overwriting of sensitive device information.

The IODD required for configuration of the unit, detailed information about process data structure, diagnostic information, parameter addresses and necessary information about the required IO-Link hardware and software, can be found at

The device supports various operating modes, such as reading the device-specific globally unique UID, reading and writing up to 28 Bytes of data in one IO-Link cycle, and reading and writing larger amounts of data, with length restrictions usually only imposed by the PLC. Automatic access to the memory stick during operation can be defined via numerous commands that regulate and control read and write access.


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