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How to use edge computing in industrial IoT

February 2022 Industrial Wireless

Edge computing is a cloud environment located closer to automation-enabled devices at the edge of the network rather than at the data centre. End-points are connected to the operational network and control centre via an IIoT (industrial-Internet-of-Things) gateway.

The addition of cloud computing resources to the IIoT gateway at the edge enables local storage and processing of data, which, when compared to centralised cloud computing, offers compelling benefits such as:

• Higher reliability – because data doesn’t need to travel to a central cloud, communication isn’t interrupted if the link is down.

• Lower latency and consumption of network resources, for the same reason.

• Better security and compliance with regulations, as data isn’t exposed when travelling over public links.

Cloud computing and virtualisation enable multiple applications to run simultaneously and independently on the same hardware. In the context of IIoT, this means that a single gateway can perform not only networking functions, but also host other functions that are related to industrial applications and IIoT management.

The end result is less ‘boxes’, as fewer networking and IIoT devices are required. This also means better security, as the function that needs to be secured is virtualised within the securely connected IIoT gateway itself. All this means that edge computing provides the required insight and agility and at the same time reduces the number of devices that need to be deployed in remote sites.

Where edge computing comes into play in new industrial IoT projects.
Where edge computing comes into play in new industrial IoT projects.

RAD’s SecFlow with edge computing and LoRaWAN has the capability to execute all of these requirements on the same hardware.

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