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Sensors for accurate high-pressure cleaning

February 2022 Flow Measurement & Control

ifm offers systems for accurate detection and documentation of high-pressure cleaning processes. The sensors support applications of up to 200 bar.

Fast and pressure-resistant

When documenting cleaning processes and high-pressure applications, the mechatronic measuring principle with its fast response time is the first choice. The integrated temperature sensor and the versatile diagnostic functions via IO-Link save both additional hardware costs and maintenance costs. Moreover, the use of a stainless-steel housing makes the sensor resistant to standard cleaning agents.

Further advantages and customer benefits

All measured values can be transmitted to the controller in digital form, without any conversion losses, via IO-Link. Flow and temperature values can thus be easily documented for each cleaning process.

The mechatronic measuring principle is characterised by an extremely fast response time allowing for even short spray bursts during the high-pressure cleaning process to be precisely recorded in terms of quantity.

No inlet and outlet pipe lengths are required. Confusion and air bubbles have no influence on the measurement. This allows the sensor to be installed anywhere in the piping system.

Application example

With IO-Link, monitoring of a high-pressure cleaning system, including documentation of the cleaning processes, can be implemented easily and quickly with little hardware costs, for example, for use in modern slaughterhouses. ifm offers all the required hardware and software components to also provide supermarket chains with the requested transparency.


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