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Enterprise mobility for hazardous areas

March 2021 IS & Ex

There is a high demand in the industry to use mobile electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, which makes the selection of the right mobile solution decisive for successful use. Especially companies with workers in potentially explosive areas have special requirements for devices, therefore mobile solutions used here must be designed specifically for the hazardous area and meet particularly high safety requirements for the protection of users and equipment. Furthermore, easy integration into the digital infrastructure is a must and the devices should make processes more efficient.

With the Android Enterprise Recommended standard, Google wants to simplify the search for the right mobile solutions by providing a list of verified devices and services. These solutions meet the highest standards for intensive industrial use and have been tested by Google. As the first device certified for Zone 1/21, the new smartphone Smart-Ex 02, of the Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom, meets the demanding Android Enterprise Recommended verification by Google.

Android Enterprise Recommended offers consistent, easy deployment and management of mobile solutions through hardware and operating system support, guaranteed Android upgrades and regular security patches. Additionally, a service commitment from the manufacturer for an extended, future-proof lifecycle adds investment security. Also, the quality control of the Smart-Ex 02 and the worldwide support of Pepperl+Fuchs ensure safety during operation.

Easy setup and quick deployment

Android zero-touch enrolment helps make it easy to set up and deploy corporate mobile devices. The intrinsically safe Smart-Ex 02 smartphone and the Ex-Handy 10 support zero-touch enrolment and 21 different LTE frequency bands. Global Ex certifications like ATEX, IECEx and NEC enable rollouts in almost all countries. Staging, management and real-time monitoring of the Smart-Ex 02 and Ex-Handy 10 can also be carried out via ecom’s new digital products and services. They combine automated staging in device manufacturing, mobile device management and device analytics.

Performance even under extreme conditions

Designed for a temperature range from -20°C to 60°C, the Smart-Ex 02 can also be used under the majority of extreme conditions. Shock and scratch-resistant gorilla glass also gives the smartphone display maximum resistance, while even in direct sunlight, users can still easily read the display. A strong battery provides power for 24-hour operation in industrial plants.


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