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Safety rope limit switch

September 2020 Operator Interfaces, Switches & Relays

Bernstein has introduced its new safety rope (SRO) limit switch to the international market. Bernstein has focused on developing electrical safety products to protect machine and process operators for over 70 years and the SRO is no exception.

The German-based industrial safety technology company is represented in South Africa by Anglo Allied Engineering. Managing director Karin Visser explains: “The SRO is a rope pull switch that provides safety for conveyor belts or machines. As a supplementary safety function it was designed to be installed on machines in addition to existing safety devices, but is not a replacement for other safety devices. The SRO comes into play if other measures stop working or the user is unable for any reason to conduct a normal stop.”

An emergency stop happens when a dangerous movement is anticipated or has been spotted. It is different to a normal stop, which switches off the power. With one action, any person present can avert danger by hitting the emergency stop button.

The SRO emergency stop device has an ISO13850 rating. Its compact design is useful for narrow spaces and distances of up to 30 metres can be secured. The rope device is made of metal and the housing comes in either plastic or metal. The SRO combines two different devices in one: an emergency stop activated by pulling a rope and an integrated emergency stop button on the device.

Applications in which the SRO can be used include packaging machines, woodworking machines, intralogistic systems, printing and paper machines, textile machines and automation systems.


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