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Safety starts with people

8 June 2020 IT in Manufacturing

Saryx Engineering’s HSEC Online has always based its business model on the safety of people; putting people first by using innovative technology to track document compliance. Now, as we move into the new normal of living and working with Covid-19, tracking employees, contractors and visitors becomes imperative.

Continuing with the company’s commitment to provide simple, smart and safe solutions, HSEC Online now offers a Covid-19 Wellness Tracker feature for business. Wellness Tracker allows companies to track employees, contractors and visitors, to manage and avoid the unnecessary spread of coronavirus, enabling employers to take action as health status changes, and immediately identify possible outbreaks in affected departments and regions.

Companies can now manage employee availability for on-site or remote work by tracking how many have been exposed to the virus, tested, or self-quarantined, and through this, assist healthy employees to re-enter the workforce safely. Data can be captured directly by employees and contractors, or indirectly, by security personnel, via a handheld device at access control points. The service is available via the Web or as a mobile app.

Real-time performance metrics

The HSEC Online Wellness Tracker dashboard allows companies to monitor and measure performance and metrics in real time, and on the go. Companies can visualise and analyse data from across the organisation, gaining valuable insight and driving quick and accurate decision-making. The platform is dedicated and ready to help users manage their operations during this time of extraordinary disruption. Tracking the wellness of your employees is only a mouse click away (


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